M@re Nostrum

By Luis Mota (SUBMANIA)

A group of rocks located out of Leca da Palmeira beach.

With a maximum depth of 21m and 8m on top, this is the perfect place to dive and appreciate local marine life that usually lives this kind of environment.

It starts from seaside with thin broad stones on the seabed, at 21m, and goes slowly to 8m depth. Then, on landside, it goes straight to the bottom, forming a wall.

The diver goes underwater with the certain that will find a place full of marine life, from the coloured anemones to sponges, from the crustaceous to the molluscs and so many varieties of fishes that surround these rocks.

Beside marine life, this site also offers some natural attractions, such as walls and canyons with 4m high where divers can swim through and enjoy the amazing life that grows everywhere in this unique dive site.

For these and others attractions, "Pelo Negro" is one of the best and most visited rock dives.

Excellent for any diver and very good for night diving.

Minimum diving certification required to dive this wreck:
CMAS one star or equivalent.

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