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By Luis Mota (SUBMANIA)

"Charneca" was a tugboat owned by Lisnave.

She was sailing from Lisbon to give assistance to a cargo ship, but did not make it and decided to try to find harbour in Leixões where she arrived with many technical problems in the middle of a large and violent sea storm. The tug was throwing by the strength of the waves against the harbour water break, where she opens a hole in her hull and sunk on February 16th, 1986.

Only one member of her crew survived.

The wreck lays in 14m of water on a sandy bottom. She is straight, pointing south, with her wheel house completely broken, reminding us the fury of the sea that day.

Her portside is slightly silted and in middle ship on her starboard divers can find the hole in the hull caused by impact against water break.

There are many lines and cables loose inside the wreck, so penetration must be done with careful. Outside the wreck it's usual the existence of fishing lines and nets, which are a danger to divers due the water bad visibility on the site.

Due to her location, divers must be aware of maritime traffic.






Minimum diving certification required to dive this wreck:
CMAS one star or equivalent.

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